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In 1996 I started to discover the Internet. At that time it was quite unusual in Germany to have your own email or even your own homepage. Being fascinated by this new tecnology I started playing around with html and animated gifs. But what should I present on my page ?

The typical homepage usually started with "that´s me" continued with some poor pictures and ended mostly with some boring details about a person, almost nobody knew. So I decided to make a page about my recently bought Volvo C202. In ´96 my page was one of the only two pages about Lapplander existing in the world (according to Altavista). To create the best and most complete tecnical page was my intention. I never came further then the first page. Meanwhile the Volvo community in the net increased alot, I sold my Lapplander and almost all information is available. So I added pictures of my Africa and Mid East tours and of course a page about my "new" Mercedes.

Many, many people from everywhere in the world mailed me and many of them became real good penpals. Isn´t it fantastic to see how Internet helps to improve understanding among the nations of the world ?

By nature I am lazy. But many people that contacted me for tecnical information also seemed to be keen to get some more information about me. So I like to take this chance and and answer all questions in advance. Also I would like to thank everybody who helped me in the past with information about the trucks, countries or just for some nice mails they´ve send. So, four years after my decision to concentrate on   tecnical pages I finally have to present one of these typical, boring pages I never wanted to make......

It´s a shame, but I have almost no nice pictures of me. So for the moment I will add the only ones I´ve got. Last month I won a cheap digicam, so hopefully I can add some more in the near future.

Thomas Dieter Rainer

Born on 27th of February in Hamburg
Brought up in Ahrensburg, a small town north of Hamburg

Left home in 1982 to study computer science at Tecnical University of Berlin

Seen the desert for the first time in 1988, when I went to Autralia for some months after I finished university

Taken in Jordan in ´96 after an 8 hour walk at 40C me in jordan.jpg (13957 Byte)
Joined one of the big german automotive companies in ´89 and moved to Braga/Portugal in ´90 for almost four years.

Returned back to Munich in ´93 and moved to Hildesheim (close to Hannover, EXPO 2000  in northern Germany) in ´97

10 years ago....

Smoking, drinking, enjoying life and 12kg less :-)

Tom Porto2.jpg (13785 Byte)
Taken on Cyprus in ´96 on the way back from Israel Tom Cyprus.jpg (8712 Byte)
brevet.jpg (10452 Byte)
Padi Rescue
greetings to Eric, Roland, Naldo and all the others from Atlantis on Curacao
tauchenporto.jpg (18773 Byte)
Diving U1277 in Portugal in ´97
pic39.jpg (15454 Byte)
Business Trip to Athens with Robert
pic40.jpg (11994 Byte)
First we had to fix their compressor
pic45.jpg (9070 Byte)
Then we were treated with oysters and lemon juice :-((((
blausee.jpg (32945 Byte) Some friends who are also in offroad truck driving after a BBQ weekend
(picture taken May 2000 on a former anti aircraft tank)

From right to left:

Astrid, Patrick, Bernd, Marcel, Pia, Marcel, Karsten, Jack, Heike, Akki, me

Missing on this picture is Beltani, the second dog

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