Whitsun in Denmark


Like all the years before, some friends of mine and I use to spent the weekend on Romo, a small island in the South of Denmark, close to the danish-german border and the german island Sylt. In Denmark you are allowed to drive on most of the beaches, but itīs forbidden to camp over night. Anyway, itīs perfect for testing offroad trucks in the sand, flying any kind of kites, windsurfing or just having a BBQ and a couple of beers :-)


romo_0083.jpg (15181 Byte)
Entering the beach

romo_0043.jpg (13702 Byte) Olafs car got stuck again romo_0021.jpg (16144 Byte)
6 "(wo)men"power is sometimes more efficient than any other engine
romo_0094.jpg (14116 Byte) Kids just love to dig in our cars. But for a VW Syncro this is not really a problem. romo_0037.jpg (19472 Byte)
Digging in this modified Jeep is a real challenge for the kids, but they failed.
romo_0041.jpg (11979 Byte) romo_0007.jpg (12635 Byte)
romo_0016.jpg (8916 Byte) Me trying a canoe... romo_0013.jpg (18058 Byte)
Relaxing in the sun.
Aggy, Heike, Patrick, Karsten
romo_0035.jpg (9643 Byte) Known as the Africa Crew, you will find them every year on Romo too. romo_0056.jpg (14351 Byte)
What a nice truck !
romo_0069.jpg (17714 Byte) Patrick and me preparing some mexican style tortillas. romo_0076.jpg (17698 Byte)
Karsten, Olaf, Aggy and Patrick early in the morning.
romo_0051.jpg (16441 Byte) These "idiots" got stuck in a nature reserve. Looks like a lot of fun, but thatīs not what we want to see. Please, watch out where you are driving !!! romo_0057.jpg (9163 Byte)
Seagulls and kites

romo_0090.jpg (19953 Byte)
VW Syncro, MB Iglhaut, MB 911, Landy Ambulance


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