Suzuki DR750 BIG on Romo


After selling my Mercedes truck I suddenly realized that my life is too boring without anything to repair. So I bought an old Suzuki DR750 BIG. I have not bought this bike because I am convinced of itīs qualities, but because a friend of mine sold it cheaply and it seemed to be some fun to get it going again.


rm2a.jpg (19124 Byte) Due to the poor resolution of the digi cam the bike looks fairly good.


rm2b.jpg (19682 Byte)
Only 3 days later itīs looks more like crap :-)
rm2d.jpg (20282 Byte) Aggy, owner of the most fantastic Iglhaut-Mercedes, had a nice 600ccm Honda on his trailer. rm2e.jpg (14784 Byte)
More then 50hps, a low weight of 140 kg and proper tires, made this bike absolutely perfect for the soft sand of Romo.
rm2c.jpg (17429 Byte) Other persons, that prefer to stay unrecognized, spend the whole day sleeping in the sun rm2f.jpg (19021 Byte)
rm2g.jpg (16831 Byte) What a nice old Landy.... rm2h.jpg (17110 Byte)
and itīs owner Ulli and his brother Olaf, the kite specialist.
rm2i.jpg (17263 Byte) rm2u.jpg (26318 Byte)
Early morning picnic on the trailer
rm2y.jpg (19964 Byte) More friends joining us the next day.... rm2z.jpg (12783 Byte)

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