Go Far East Tour 2004

Nice people


Travelling alone you always meet a lot of people and most of them are really nice but unfortunately most of them you never meet again :-(

Anyway, here´s a brief  and incomplete collection of persons, faces and stories (in order of appearance)

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This was a very long trip and I met really alot of people, so in some cases names might be missing or misspelled, either because I lost them or I have forgotten them. So don´t be angry with me, just send me an E-Mail and I will correct it :-)



Nice People

Andrea and Ute I met the first night in Bangkok on Khao San Road. They told me all important stuff how to survive in Thailand

Nice People

Andrea, Lath-La and Ute

Nice People Eddy (NL), Richard (UK) and me with our favorite Lady-Boys :-) Nice People

My austrian friends whom I met on the way from Cambodia to Koh Samui

Northern Thailand

Nice People Stephanie (F), Wilma (NL), and Stephanie´s Friend (F)
having lunch after a nice tour with chinese Mr. Pock through Ayuthaya
Stepahnie : Now I know about this certain moment at Angkor Vat :-)
Nice People

Still can´t believe that we met again 4 weeks later on Koh Tao. You both impressed me a lot and I am looking forward to more analysis:
By the way, it´s realy easy to stop just like that (snap)

Nice People


Nice People Working at Wilma´s and my favorite restaurant in Sukhotahi, what delicious food, yummi Nice People

Wilma from Holland,
thanks again for finding that wonderful guesthouse. It was the best I have been to :-)


Nice People

Markus (?) and Nadine (?), Germany
we met in Angkor Vat and Bayoon, wating for the rain to stop

Nice People

Some cambodian school girls i met at Bayoon temple. I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you again

Nice People June and Lloyd, Australia
we stayed together at Tokyo Guest House in Siem Reap,
Thanks for all the nice talks and good luck for your next trips
Nice People

Some cambodian girls at Angkor Vat, always triing to sell me something

Nice People Joe from New York City
having some peaceful and quiet moments close to Ta Prom temple
Nice People

Cambodian Park Ranger

Nice People Girls working at Tokyio Guest House in Siem Reap  


Koh Samui

Nice People

Jenny and Kathrin,
I never expected to see you again later on Koh Tao

Nice People

Annette from Hamburg having a pancake
thanks to you, I learned more about China than Thailand :-)

Nice People

Rüdiger and Marten from Hamburg, showing me the relaxing way of life, spending time with you came very close to what I call vacation

Nice People

Rüdiger an me getting ready for the night session

Nice People

She works as cook and manager for Mae Nam Villa Resort,
her fried noodles with shrimps are the best !!
(allthough sometimes very spicey)

Nice People

Her cute, little daughter


Koh Tao

Nice People Some Beauties I met at Babaloo Nice People

Jenny and Kathrin from Stuttgart
I was realy glad to see you again and really enjoyed the time we spent together especially the evenings at Babaloo and watching the Thai Boxing 

Nice People Jenny at Babaloo´s Nice People


Nice People Christine and Norbert, Nuernberg
Thank you so much for all the nice dives and see you again at Kulki / Leipzig
Nice People

Stephane (F), buddy on some of my dives
giving me this new experience of a trigger fish attack

Nice People Naoumi (UK) Nice People

Anja, Berlin
we met wtaching the movie "monster".
A good movie, but not the right movie when you are on vacation

Nice People Lindsay(RSA), Andy (GER), my divemasters
thanks for all the fish and the excitement like lost buddy, low on air, sharks, triggers and the nice evenings at viewpoint and babaloo
Nice People

Boris and Mo at Viewpoint

Nice People Mo and Tuta at viewpoint
thx to Mo for her wonderful smile and the excellent service
thx to Tuta for everything that is important in life, it´s only your fault, that I stayed much longer, than I ever expected :-)
Nice People

we all loved Mo´s lovely flip flops

Nice People

Ursel, Tini and Nikki from Munich
alot interessting memories are somehow related to you : the only 3 really sunny days, getting bitten by a gecko, loosing the key for my bungalow, falling off a stone and getting seriously hurt, a stunning 4x4 night drive through the mountains and having alot of fun :-)

Nice People

Mika, Tini, Ursel, Nikki



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