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C202 "Lapplander"

Allthough the Lapplander was originally designed only for use in the swedish army, swedish police, fire brigades and other community services started to use this car in the middle of the 60´s. It became so popular that it was even used for civil purposes.

Because of its unusual design it was nicknamed "puppy". One of the late versions, the C303, even won the rally Paris - Dakar in 1983.

The following models and quantities were produced :

Model Year Quant. Engine Power(HP)
L 2304 1959-61 91 B16 60
L 3304 1963-64 unknown B18 68
L 3314 1961-70 7737 B18 68
L 3315 1966-69 1116 B18 68
C 202 1977-81 3222 B20 82
C 300 1974-79 8718 B30 125
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The C306, a stretched version of the C303 with 2 rear axles, was only produced in small quantities. The L 4230 is the prototype of a 8x8 version of the Lapplander (see picture below).

At the moment the number of registered Lapplanders in Germany is less than 80.


Tecnical information ( C202 ):

cubic capacity 1978 ccm   tires 285/80 R16
power 82 HP   transmission part-time 4x4
Vmax 115 km/h     no diff locks
engine 4 Zyl. Otto (B20A)   lenght 4,02 m
weight empty 2080 Kg   height 2,12 m
weight maximum 2535   width 1,70 m

My Lapplander shown on these pages was first registered in 1981. It has two seats in the front only. The rear was converted to a camper with a double bed, a cupboard, a sink and a small table. It was used for tours from Hammerfest down to Syria and the Red Sea.

Have a look at my C2 in Jordan and Israel

Lapplanders are used for many different purposes
A foto of the L 4230 8x8 prototype

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