Eastern Europe 2003
6.7.2003 - 15.8.2003



"My boss accepted 6 weeks vacation,
a rare chance for another trip to the Sahara.
the plan for this year is Senegal and Mali

War in Iraq, 31 tourists missing in Algeria, bombs in Casablanca, the global situation for a trip to Northern Africa is not the best.

So I decided to try something totally different, I have never been to Eastern Europe before, therefore I will give it a try this year.

I don´t know, weather I will get all necessary visa right in time, so I will decide on the way where to go and what to do. Also I need a new muffler and will try to get it repaired in Poland. At the moment I plan to leave Germany the first week in July and return end of August.

Update 4.7.2003
front axle is leaking, muffler is broken, but anway all other preparations are almost finished.
I will leave on Sunday, 6th of July, route is still not clear but I expect 12000km and 11 countries in 6 weeks.
So the next update, hopefully including the first pictures, will come beginning of September.
I wish you all a nice summer :-)

Update 16.8.2003
Yeeeeaaaahhhh !!!!!
I am back, what a trip, I´ve seen a lot and met wonderful people.

Go East Tour 2003

Hildesheim - Berlin - G´Dansk - Riga - Tallin - Narva - Riga -
Vilnius - Kiev - Poltava - Jalta - Sewastopol - Odessa - Siret -
Voronet - Brasov - Balaton - Bratislava - Brün - Prag - Dresden

Countries visited :

D - PL - LT - LV - EST - UA - RO - H - SK - CZ


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