Fed up of the desert

After so many days driving through the desert my spine was almost broken, all muscles were aching and the sand seemed to be everywhere, even inside the spaghetti tins. The damages to the car of the last three days in the Negev finally gave me a reason for a rest at the beach of Eilat and a completly new experience - diving.

From right to left :

Thommy, Switzerland, Buddy

Lyzette, Denmark, Instructor **


(greetings to all divers from Switzerland and Denmark)

Diving already is a lot of fun, but diving with her is even better. She made my week . But be aware, as an instructor she doesn´t seem to be human anymore,

"Piece of cake, Lyzette"

How are you supposed to take good pictures under water if you are still struggling to handle your gear ?

Most of the cheap cameras do not work properly under water or the flash is not sufficient and good cameras are too expensive. For the first try i should be happy with this picture.

(Perhaps i should have used a better scanner :-) )


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