Tosh´s Tour through the Desert

"unbelievable", this is what all my friends said when they told me about Palmyra, some ancient ruins in the middle of the desert and Craq de Chevaliers, the largest crusader castle in the world, both located in Syria. It was quite clear to me that i had to go there one day.

So i left one early morning beginning of May ´96 with my old Volvo truck heading to Haifa/Israel. "Rimini, you won´t get any further", my friends, knowing about the condition of the Volvo, were extremly optimistic. But after a week, spending most of the time on ferry boats, i arrived in Haifa with only one seal leaking.

Part 0 : The long way to the Middle East

Part 1 : North Israel

Part 2 : Syria

Part 3 : Jordan

Part 4 : South Israel and the dessert "Negev"

Part 5 : Egypt / Sinai

Part 6 : Fed up of the desert


Temporary Picture Gallery

Will I ever have enough time to finish this page ??
I am afraid not !!

So for the moment just a loose collection of pictures 

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Highlight of the tour, a visit to Wadi Rum in Jordan

The end of an incredible adventure - Haifa harbor at sunset

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