North Africa Tour ´99

From Germany to Tunisia

europa.jpg (39035 Byte) Starting in North Germany the fastest and cheapest way to get to North Africa is taking the ferry boat from Genova to Tunis.

Route :

Hannover - Göttingen - Kassel - Fulda - Würzburg - Ulm - Lindau - Bregenz - Chur - San -Bernandino - Chiasso - Milano - Genova - Tunis

Distance Hannover - Genova : 1250km

Toll in Austria can be avoided if taking the country road via Bregenz (5km of that road seemed to be subject to toll, but it was raining so much, that I couldn´t see the signs properly)

Toll in Switzerland for trucks from 3.5 to 12 tons is 25SFR for 7 days/one entry. It also seems that a 10days/multiple entry permit for 40SFR is available saving you 10 SFR, but suisse customs officers usually never mention this :-((

Keep in mind that in Switzerland trucks are not allowed to drive at night (22:00 to 5:00 o´clock) and on Sundays.

Toll in Italy from Chiasso to Genova was in total 19500 italian Lira per way.



ctnlogo.jpg (13478 Byte)
ctnship.jpg (11309 Byte) The ferry boat from Genova to Tunis is operated by CTN. Their new ferry, named "Catharge", started operation only in Summer ´99 and is in excelent condition.
Contact :

SNCM Germany GmbH
(49) 6196-42911


They offer a special fare called "Jasmin" for tourist cars up to 7m length and 4m hight and two persons for aprox. DEM 1450,- , including harbor costs in Genova.

Other ferries to Tunis are available from Marseille, Naples and Sicily.



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