North Africa Tour ´99

Three years without the quiet of the desert and the wonderful stars at night ...

Having a "new" truck (MB 911 LA) that it is supposed to be one of the best mid-size off road trucks I decided to go to North Africa for two months. Due to the political situation, there are not many countries left for travelling. Libya and Tunisia seemed to be countries with an acceptable low risk, offering plenty promising off road tracks.

According to information by the libyan embassy in Germany you only get a visa if travelling in a group of min. 4 people and with an invitation or hotel reservation (information given via phone in Oct. ´99). But when requesting  it, I got it within two weeks without any problems and also later on I never had any problems with libyan officials, more than that they were always willing to help me and were extremly friendly.


Part 1 : From Germany to Tunisia Part 4 : Tunisia 2nd time
Part 2 : Tunisia Part 5 :  Nice People
Part 3 : Libya Part 6 ;  Tour Data


mandra.jpg (21868 Byte)
Mandara lakes, Libya
sandblech.jpg (12017 Byte)
It was not alway easy.....
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Nice sun tan !

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