North Africa Tour ´99

Libya - On the way to Waw an Namus


tmis1.jpg (7101 Byte) On the way to Waw an Namus, a very famous crater landscape, you will find the last filling station in Tmissa. Not knowing the entry for the following track I ask for help, but they all showed me the wrong way. Of course, they wanted to "sell" their guides, for only 100$ per day. So I decided to wait at the filling station for other tourists. The same night Heino and Elke, who had been on the same ferry boat, arrived, returning back from  Waw an Namus escorted by a truck of the libyan army.
After 4 days of digging and a heavy sandstorm they were absolutely fed up of the dessert and tried to convince me not to go there alone. To proof that I wouldn´t have a chance to make it, they took me to the beginning of the first diffcult sand field, starting 16km after Tmissa. tmis4.jpg (3594 Byte)
tmis2.jpg (5245 Byte) Still 230km left to Waw an Namus.
I start to realize, that it might not be a good idea to try it with this type of tyres and to leave this experinece for my next visit to Libya. tmist.jpg (5955 Byte)
tmis7.jpg (3611 Byte) It´s still very windy and the tracks of my truck disappeared within minutes.
Stuck again ! But this time it was not my mistake. Heino, shifting into wrong gear, forced me to stop on this soft spot. tmis5.jpg (4609 Byte)
tmis3.jpg (5626 Byte) But having 2 cars, it´s really fun !
(Kids playing with their toys :-) )
On the way back to Tmissa we discovered this artificial water whole. Due to the low temperatures at night, the water was freezing cold. Also it was much too salty to be used as drinking water. tmis6.jpg (5900 Byte)


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