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Libya - Wadi Mathendous



giraffe.jpg (9621 Byte) Wadi Mathendous is a small valley, famous for it´s stone carvings, showing many different animals. These carvings are supposed to be about 10000 years old, from a time when there was enough grass and water for men and animals to live in the Sahara. Animals shown include giraffes, crocodiles, lions, zebras, cows, antelopes and many others
To find Wadi Mathendous you can take the track heading west from Murzuq or the track heading south from Germa. Both tracks meet after 60 km at an agricultural project. From there follow the nice, sandy track west. Shortly before the Wadi is a small military post (drinking tea and playing chess all the time, no weapons, no uniforms) asking for a special transit document, that you can get for 15$ in Sebha. (by the way, they like tuna fish :-) and have a nice lizard as pet )

Three km before the Wadi starts a really nasty lavastone field. Staying overnight in the Wadi sounds lovely, but there were so many flies that I escaped and spent the night on top of a sanddune close to the military post.

wadim.jpg (10587 Byte)
kanister.jpg (5522 Byte) The way back next morning began with getting stuck in the only dune on the whole way, giving me almost two hours aditional excercise. Digging before breakfast is no fun.

Due to the all the bumps in the lavastone field one of my jerrycans starting leaking. I love the smell of diesel in the morning...

Sand is becoming the biggest enemy of all mecanical parts. Especially locks and all kind of joints are in danger. Clutch, gearbox and gas pedal seem to behave differently. Also the brake problem I had later on the way back, is caused by this soft sand. tank.jpg (5230 Byte)

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