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Nice people


Travelling alone you always meet a lot of people and most of them are really nice but unfortunately most of them you never meet again :-(

Anyway, here´s a brief  and incomplete collection of persons, faces and stories (in order of appearance)

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Danny, Andreas and their two daughters,  Germany
hanomag.jpg (5647 Byte) Arriving the afternoon before departure, the first car I saw in the harbor of Genova was the Hanomag of Andy and Danny. It was a warm night and we spent the time, sitting on the quay wall drinking beer and wine. Francois, arriving after sunset contributed some champagne, giving us a serious head ache next morning :-)


Francois, Belgium
(no foto) Francois had to transport some hot air balloons for the Aero Club Baden-Baden to Tunisia. Driving a Hanomag for the first time in his life with a 3tons trailor he had to realize that the brakes were to weak for the long downhill slope before Genova. I´ve never seen such hot brakes before, but his champagne was excellent. I saw him later again chrossing the Chott el Cherid and a second time on the camp site in Douz.


Mactaris girls, Tunisia
mactaris.jpg (7193 Byte) It was cold but sunny at ten in the morning when I entered the Mactaris Museum. I expected to be alone on my tour through the romain settlement. But a tunisian school class with about 60 pupils crossed my way. The boys were quite shy, but the girls seemed to be fascinated and wanted to have my adress and a picture.


Dedri and friends, Tunisia
Next day In Sbeitla I met Dedri and her friends. Working as french teacher in Sbiba, a small town further north, they took the chance to visit this wonderful roman settlement. Whenever they started talking to me, an old man tried to chase them away. Women are not allowed to talk to man and disturb them. Only on the forth try we found a possibilty to talk without getting interrupted by tunisian men. Europe seemed to be far away ... :-(


Stefan, Markus, Iris, Kiddies and dogs
(no foto) Returning back from Nefta to Tozeur I saw their two MAN 630 in front of bank. Stefan and Markus were looking for the algerian border. But without visa it´s not easy to get in there.

Five weeks later I met them again in Tunis, but this time with Stefans´s wife Iris, their kiddies and two dogs on their way to "our former colony Sued-West Afrika" (Namibia), looking for something that seems to got lost in modern Germany.   


Brunhild and Rüdiger, Germany


Elly and Thomas, Germany


Old man, Tunisia


Dee and Debbie, USA


Mohammed and Nasser (no foto), Libya
He saw me arriving late in the evening in Al Khums/Lybia and insisted on inviting me for a coffee. I stayed three days in Khums and  he really helped me lot with the libyan police getting the green triangel stamp and other things, especially getting a deep look inside Libya itself . This is what I call hospitality, thx alot


Katherina, Frederike and Alexander, Germany
I saw them the first time in Sufetula/Sbeitla in Tunisia and met them again in Leptis Magna/Lybia. Visiting ancient settlements with them is no fun, they studied archaeology and used to discuss ages about every little thing they found :-). In February 2000 I received a postcard from Egypt, telling me, that they are on their way further East. Good luck in Jordan and Syria, you will like it ....



Elke and Heino, Germany
genua2.jpg (7590 Byte)


Kurdi and his friend, Libya
Having the wrong type of tires on my truck, I failed on taking  the easy track from Germa to Mandra. So Kurdi and his friend with the old Toyo pickup gave me a lift up there, taking the dificult track. Wonderful trip !


The Overland group, Great Britain
overland.jpg (5348 Byte)


Stephan and friend, Germany
(no foto)


Sandro and Lorenzo, Italy (with Elke, Heino and me)
genua.jpg (7777 Byte)


Hamadi, Tunisia
(no foto)


Members of ´Securité civilé´, Tunisia
secciv.jpg (6206 Byte) Having problems with my brakes I got seriously stuck in Tunis harbor, 2km away from the ferry boat. A "friendly" Tunisian offered me to help for just 400USD, what a shame for tunisian hospitality. But I was lucky, only 500m away was a location of the tunisian Securité civilé, equipted with several Mercedes Benz 911 (used before by the german desaster prevention force THW) and several former german fire brigade trucks like the shown 12tons Magirus Deutz. Within one hour the problem was solved and I reached the ferry right in time. Thanks alot !!!


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